The Book of Isaiah-Is.14:1-3 -“Zion”

“For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel,…. And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and the house of Israel shall possess them….: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors (vv.1-2)”.
The Burden of Isaiah continues. He sees the period beyond Babylon whose occupation and dispersion of Israel would in turn be judged by God. Babylon once bitten dust shall never more rise.Israel is restored but their troubles shall not be fully settled. There is a matter of peace that must rule the House of Jacob and it shall never be through politics. So what we see in the post-WWII is a partial fulfillment of this prophecy.
Jerusalem literally means the City of Peace. Arabs, Druze, Armenians and many other aliens or strangers who were displaced (even as the children of Israel were) live and it is an uneasy peace at it best. Only when the Prince of peace sets up his Millennial Reign the prophecy could be said to fulfill the conditions mentioned in v.3, “And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve, Needless to say the King of Babylon is a stand-in for many other world governments whose power is derived from Satan. The Beast mentioned in Revelation ch.13 is one such.

Let us consider the last verse, ” What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation? That the Lord hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it”. The city of David is the apple of the eye for the Jews. Their political life as a nation in the post-WWII has never run smooth for want of peace in their own heart. But when the Prince of Peace takes over the reigns their stony heart shall be replaced and symptomatic with change of heart the nation will be living in amity with the Gentiles.
So Jerusalem is more than a geographical reality as the first advent of the Son of man indicated, is the kingdom of risen Christ in glory. New Jerusalem in the vision shown descending from heaven, shall be the culmination of the Messianic Rule. to which both Jews and the Gentiles are called and established by the mercies of God.
So Zion is a symbol of peace not as the world can give.


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I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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