Analysis of a vision: Re.Ch.12

Throughout the Bible we see visions playing a great part in the lives of mankind. These are private and it is a sign of man’s standing with God. For example King Belshazzar was among thousand of his lords and while the festivity went on he saw a man’s hand, writing on the wall and none else present there saw it. Not knowing the meaning of it he had to call Daniel the seer who interpreted it for him. A vision is between God and man, and set up from above in order to forewarn, encourage and confirm a course of action. In the case mentioned above it was God judging the impious king. Nevertheless, a vision. Through visions God establishes His sovereignty so His essence,- His Name Holiness are revealed. In this sense these serve as a memorial of heaven moving in tandem with the world in its rounds. History of mankind is coupled with the nature of God for which we attribute heaven a certain space. Where the best laid plans of man go awry ask ourselves, who is in control? God or man?
Will of God cannot be delinked form His nature and nor can it be thwarted. Memorial in the sense God the Father as Will shall be implemented by God the Son. The Advent of the latter owed to the memorial of ‘the slain lamb’ from the worlds began. St. Paul would have gone to Asia but in a vision the man of Macedonia appeared to him thus directing his future course (Ac.16:9). Likewise the Church Age shall be directed through God. It is what the risen Christ in glory does even now keeping the world events in control and directing them all leading to the end times. God sets up such communication lines throughout ages and it is unmistakeable for man who fears God to miss a vision when it is directed towards him.
The Book of Revelation in short is a series of visions that shall come to fruition in its appointed time.
Visions are private and here we are concerned with visions in general sense and not with the manifestation of the Spirit that serves the local churches to profit from.(1 Co.12:7,7) Visions are from God.
The vision of the woman clothed with the sun and with moon under her feet is an articulated vision signifying vignette of visions hanging on the main subject: the woman. The selfsame relationship provided by symbols of sun and the moon however applies to all secondary scenes.
Righteousness of the sun and grace surround her from head to toe. Yet she is groaning as in labor; We have additional clues of a crown of stars. The tag of 12 placed by the Spirit refers to the nation of Israel and the church. Patriarchs and Apostles equally apply to the ministry of Jesus Christ (Christ as the spiritual rock in the wilderness, Moses, Joseph as antitypes etc.,).
With regards to the man child what is it? It is caught up to God and to his throne and that leaves the woman as though abandoned in the process. Neither the nation nor the churches in the Church Age is delivered per se. Only a remnant of the Jewish nation and those who made the calling sure shall be included among the elect.
How shall we determine the significance of a vision without the Spirit leaving clues on several parts in a vision being found true elsewhere? Somewhat like astronomers parallax, we follow the clues to arrive at the intent and thrust of it. In a stellar parallax the distance of nearby objects in space measured against the background of more distant stars. Considering the manner the Spirit is setting narrative accounts from the Father and the Son, and is relying on human speech there shall be language and meaning of the vision in question having many common features. The number 12 for example is a clue; so is the rod of iron. ‘She brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron'(12:5)’ We come across this expression in the Book of Psalms,’Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron (Ps.2:9)’ and the context in which it is placed there fits with the context under consideration. In interpreting the scriptural passages we are warned not to resort to wild guessing or interpret it on subjective suppositions.
(To be continued)

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2 Responses to Analysis of a vision: Re.Ch.12

  1. Excellent food for thought this morning. Please bear with one comment.
    In Biblical vocabulary, a vision would be referred to as a visitation.
    “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.” The visitation results in an immediate judgment. In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. Daniel 5:30.
    The Hebrew pakad-to visit, is often translated to punish, as in Jeremiah, where the word is used 45 times.
    As to use of the word memorial, please see Spiritual Significance of Memorial and Remembrance, in
    Thanks and praise for your devotion to God brother Benny.
    With love in Christ,

  2. bennythomas says:

    Thanks for your valuable comment. I appreciate it.

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