Analysis of a vision-2 Red Dragon

In an articulated vision we have a primary vision and several visions pendent on it and each separated by period of time. In prophecy also we see future events similarly placed in space and time however drawing its relevance from the Spirit places on it in the Father-Son relationship. The Prophecy of the seventy weeks(Dan.9:24)is a case in point. Only one part of it was revealed to Daniel which in the case of the Spirit is typical. He reveals matters only on a need to know basis. When the seer asked ‘O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?(Dan.12:8-9)’ the sealed book explains it precisely. Many prophets given the gift of prophecy in our times, are susceptible to force the hand of God as it were,- and it is not with the intent of edifying the church but for glory of pre-eminence which in our age carries the taint for which we look no farther.(As an egregious example consider the name of the Beast number 666). Does deciphering it change the left out church as and when it shall happen? The great tribulation is a period in which the left out church has only one option of resisting being taken in with the mark branded or becoming a martyr. Those who receive the name shall have their names removed from ‘the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Re.13.8).’ Having said of the beast let me introduce antichrist who emerges from the sea. He had two horns like a lamb, and he spake like a dragon(13:13). One beast from the land and the other from sea, -two beasts were the voice and messenger to deceive the people.
Red dragon had seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his head (Re.12:3)
Let us turn our attention to the subject proper the red dragon who is coming from heaven. Of Satan we read in the Book of Job as a wight who is permitted to approach the presence of God(Job.2:1-3). He is the prince of the power of the air, having freedom to go on the earth, walk up and down the length. Jesus Christ compared the working of the spirit to wind. Only by the fruits are these spirits known. If a pastor shakes his collection plate for buying his falcon jet one may imagine what spirit is moving him apparently, his purpose is not the glory of God but who makes use of the word of God to aggrandize himself. Have we not seen sufficient number of prophets who have caught the headlines and living a life so far from path our Lord Savior took? When we read that one third of the stars were swept from heaven it is clear the dent such blasphemy causes in those who are set as memorial in heaven. These shall be cast down. Evil communication corrupts manners. Prosperity theology creates children of God, who judge success of their ministry by money and as a result they become complacent (being lulled to a somnolent state by false apostles) to believe once saved is saved always. For them ‘calling’ makes sense but they gloss over that part of their election. It is essential for us to take warning “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.(1 Jn.4:1).” Persecution is what the early churches had to undergo. Of which how many are steadfast? From whence came the horrendous scandals within the church, abuse of trust and of faith? God is not mocked and He shall root out the evil from the time to time in order to keep the children of God ever heed the warning, “…We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,…(Ac.14:22).” Grace of God is not merely dusting away sins of commissions but gains that a life of suffering garners for deeper spiritual life. Our crops may fail and life earnings may be wiped away and ill health plague us; and when our loved one suffer in a bed of languishing, all we have is our faith at its wit’s end. If Jesus dropped beads of blood at Gethsamene we shall surely find grace from him to make through the night of existence. I have never come that far but one thing I do if life is in that extremity I know where my victory comes from. So let us not look at anyone else than in him who is risen. So help me God

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I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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