Parables of Jesus: latter state

The parable here mentioned is found in both gospels of St Luke and St Matthew and is especial on account of the subject matter. Latter state refers to spiritual truth of those who have lost the way by their own negligence. They had come to the light but lost it for a number of reasons. The Bible is very clear-cut and the parable to which we shall come anon warns us of danger we ought to guard against. Now for a verse: “If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame (He.6:6)”
It is impossible says the NASB version on the same verse. “…It is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame.” The sad ending of a great servant Moses is well known. Because he did not honor God (by striking the rock instead of speaking as was commanded) God forbade him entry into the land of Canaan. It is perilous indeed to be complaisant about salvation. ‘Being hid’ is being Christ-minded to resist the demands of the world even if it has a form of godliness. Prosperity theology is not arisen by itself but those who have been weaned away from their first love gave a wrong slant to the word of God and it grew into a doctrine of man. The world and its glories can reach one like Delilah had, and beguiling with wine and fine words made the mighty Samson succumb to her charm.His fall did not originate with her but his own carelessness to observe his vows and love for merrymaking. Fall of saints however prominent begins with small errors in their judgment and pursuing irrelevant aspect of their ministry instead of keeping focus on the core value. If so with Samson so would with TV preachers of our own times. The world does in a similar manner anyone who would want fame and power be it in the spiritual world.
Those who are adopted by Christ unto himself are said to have their lives hid in Christ.’Hid in Christ’ is to be partaker as well of the glory of our Savior. What was his former state? He came into his own but his own did not receive him. He was rejected and the Jews were instrumental leading the events to his death and subsequent glory. The latter state of the Son of man signified his glory. The two states that the Son of man experienced present a mode of inversion to every child of God. Being hid in Christ does not guarantee us any consideration from the world. They look askance at us for our sudden change in not hanging out with them any longer. If the Jews accused Jesus could heal only because he had been in cahoots with Beelzebub, no less ill-spoken shall be our own case.
Those who are not with him are against him is a categorical statement. When we chose the life we chose the path he walked,- though it may not lead to Golgotha but shall be as lonely as his. It is the Way and we dared enter it because we chose Truth above all.
A house divided cannot stand and what Jesus said about Satan is very much true. Our brain has two hemispheres and Corpus Callosum is to integrate motor, sensory, and cognitive performances between the cerebral cortex on one side of the brain to the same region on the other side. If some injury occurs here we shall have alien hand syndrome and it can pose unpleasant effects on the sufferer.
The parable speaks about the demon coming back to the place he had earlier vacated.”….He findeth it (the house whence he came out)swept and garnished. (v.25)” When a Christian accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior he does without exception confesses his past omissions and commission and is reconciled with God. He has cleaned up his past in a manner of speaking. Slowly old manner of living makes demands and he is affiliated to the local church and are enrolled by his elders in various program the church board may plan up. Activism of the congregation gradually makes inroads into the new convert’s life. Affluence of many church members and their lifestyles make strong impression on him. Lack of a strong passion for the word of God to replace old habits often gives him excuse if he fills his hour as an active member. Just as he hanged out with buddies before he has joined number or church programs, touching for donation from the public and voluntary services during special outreach programs attending to sound, lights and follow up. All these are fine but without knowing the demon is right at his elbow with seven more wicked spirits and as the parable ends, ‘the last of the man is worse than the first’. Prayer and study of the word are means to grow strong and but faith must build his closer walk with God on daily basis.
Being hid in Christ is to stay put where he placed each one of us, and seek how to please the Savior Lord than hide in a hectic schedule of meeting deadlines that on daily basis is cutting into our own spiritual growth. Jesus said, let the dead bury their dead. If the pillars of Evangelical movement tout prosperity theology and require help for planting Megachurches there shall always be followers found to keep their spectacle sparkle. Indeed they are dead who instead of gathering with the Savior they are scattering instead. The present relevance of modern churches offers us a clue as to what ails it. It is not being hid in Christ but more meeting the needs of those who make a gain and whose agenda is their own profits in terms of dollars and cents.


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I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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