Narrative Mode: Jacob’s ladder

The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken; (Deut.18:15.Acts.3:22)”

Parallelism of Israel and the church refers to same persons and symbols significance of each, of course varies. The key verse spoken by Moses can well apply to Jesus as well as to Messiah who shall at the end times establish the Millennial Reign. The nation of Israel rejected the Servant King since they were seeking Messiah to deliver them from the Roman occupation. Both the Son of man and Messiah signify God the Son. Only in their understanding of the scriptures they were deceived.
Each has a symbol: Law of Moses represented by tablets of stone and the new covenant by blood with fleshy hearts (2 Cor.3:3;Ezek.36:26).
The Spirit in organizing narrative passages from God the Father and God the Son makes of persons and symbols, to use a metaphor from fishing like the long line with many branches linked to it. Thus the first advent of the Son and his second coming to gather his saints (before the commencement of the Great Tribulation) are parts of the main line stretching from the beginning till the end times.
What role does the patriarchs, prophets play? These are branches leading to the mainline. They serve as antitypes symbols while Jesus Christ is shown as the type. Each passage thus tagged makes the drift of the Spirit clear to a diligent reader. Joseph suffered in the hands of his brethren Jesus was rejected by his own brethren. He was a stumbling stone. Just as Joseph became source for Israel as a nation to survive a crisis Jesus became the cornerstone.
Let us consider the sustained symbolism of wind. God breathing into the nostril of Adam made him a living soul. Do we not see in the Vision of the Valley of the Dry bones the role the Holy Spirit plays? “And shall put my spirit in you and ye shall live. (Ezek.37:1-14)” Where God’s breath could do in one, creates an exceeding mighty army and it is what the Spirit of the Living God can do. The unity of the Church in eternity owes to it. In this context we have an incident where God is speaking to Prophet Elijah. (1 Ki.19:11-13) ‘But the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.’ God in still small voice helps us appreciate the indwelling Spirit working with our inner man.
These incidents are piled up in series of small steps through the Bible till we have the climacteric moment when the Holy Spirit is poured out in the day of Pentecost. (Ac.2:1-4) It was accompanied with sound ‘ a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind.’ Such sustained symbolism itself is provided with an imagery of ladder mentioned in the life of Jacob (Gen.28:11-16) Thus the Spirit uses one event Jacob’s ladder to instruct God setting up Salvation Plan for man in terms of visions and dreams. Jacob, Joseph, Moses are so many steps leading our attention to the holy city of New Jerusalem descending out of heaven. It is thus the Spirit keeps many events and persons as means to draw towards God.

Outpouring of the Spirit was the indication that the church was founded on the foundation of the risen Christ. Symbols like dove, ‘olive leaf plukt off (Gen.8:11)’ are processional symbols that signify God’s Will concerning the church and are tagged by symbols: these give the narrative passages context as well as unity. For example Creation of Eve as a symbol for Church is brought into its own with the advent of the Son. Similarly Noah sending a dove after the waters were abated, points to the outpouring of the Spirit.

Salvation Plan began with creation of heaven and the earth (Ge.1:1). While Jerusalem is served as a tag for God’s Will New Jerusalem is a tag for the new heaven and the earth as mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Ch.21:1).The Father-Son relationship established at the outset in terms of Core Will and its fulfillment is sustained till the last chapter of the Book of Revelation. This is Alpha and Omega aspect of God the Son who was with God from the beginning (Jn.1:3).
The Spirit presents great many branches to the main narrative as done in the long line fishing.

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