Work of God: introduction to the Book of Exodus

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work (Jn.9:4-American KJV).”

Every thing God created in the creation Day was in terms of time and for purpose. Time here refers to the Day. It is put down in capital letter in order to signify that what is created would require period of growth and maturity and fulfill the purpose for which it was created. “For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear (Mk. 4.28).” So an acorn cast to the ground would require time to germinate and become a sapling and a tree. It is thus each life form has a term of life and it is in respect of the Day.  It is as the gospel verse signifies a natural process of the earth bringing fruit of itself. While we studied the Book of Genesis we saw the glory of God dividing the light even before the Sun was formed. The Spirit in supplying marginal notes to the creative act of God the Father informs what was the intent behind such division. Children of light and children of darkness are determined on testimonies of the word forever settled in the heavens (Ps,119:89); and glory that determined the form of the earth. The earth and heaven and the fulness thereof, belong to the Lord God.  So He has the authority to determine what form and quality of fruits He would gather or set to fire. The Parable of the Tares (Mt.13:24-43) makes it clear. Glory of God sent to the earth is revealed in the fruits it produces. It entails work of natural goodness and men who work with it. So being mindful of the time is an essential aspect of the earth glorifying God. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven-Eccles.3:1)” Here we shall see two aspects of time: one is only relevant to the earth and Time and it is determined by God. So when the Spirit inserted, “And let them be for signs…” we should pay heed to it.  That Time shall engulf the earth time in which we did everything as though we are in control over our works.

What do we understand from the key verse’I must work the works of Him (the Father)? Works of God in its basic level signify the FatherSon relationship. Any interpretation to enlarge the part of one at the expense of other is heresy. Here is a statement from one who subscribes to Calvin’s idea of God. “We believe that our salvation depends solely upon God’s work in us, and not upon our testimony” (Abraham Kuyper). He has abbreviated the glory of God in one sentence. Like containing the roar of the breaking waves of an ocean in a bucket. How valid is it?

God works, so simple a statement runs and it suits the simple minded. Like a pupil is taught ‘light is a wave;’ For mature the light is a wave and particle as well according to the context and position. Without knowing truth in our inward parts how shall we develop spiritual discernment or relate to Time? A heartbeat for example is perceptible but true enough to make Time a real concept for us. How shall anyone make sense of God who is invisible and who lives in unapproachable light but through the Son who demonstrated the perfection of the Father in his Atoning work? Perfection of the Atonement of the Son is independent of what some sects may make of Truth. Maturity for Christian is in correctly understanding in their Father-Son relationship.

This relationship is as Glory of God cannot be seen as separate. Shekinah glory of God represents the Presence of God at the mercy seat in the tabernacle. The Son when sent to the earth manifested glory of his Father (Jn.17:5)’ which I had with thee before the world was.’

Father-Son relationship is treated as symbols in the book of Exodus pillar of cloud and pillar of fire by night in place of the greater light and the lesser light in the Book of Genesis That spiritual rock was Christ’.

Man without God has run the earth. The tower of Babel was built to establish his glory such has been each and everything that denotes his handiwork. In pursuit of his own glory whatever systems of government his progress has made possible gives the world a form. But shall it resist the testimony of the eternal word, or the glory that the earth carries as a testimony man’s impact upon the environment? Can both good and evil come from single source?

God created the earth with creative faith (Heb.11:3). This work of faith is what we require so we may be redeemed from the earth ever sinking under the morass of sin from all about us. In faith we believe in another work of God, which namely is this: He sent his only begotten Son (Jn.3:16 ). We are transformed from glory to glory since the perfect Atonement in Jesus has power to create it.




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