The Book of Genesis: time element


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, Ge.1:1

It is a categorical statement complete by itself. Since God is the creator the time and place with which we describe any human event has to be suitably altered. So angels, men and things are to be understood as already included in it. This being the case what is the time aspect? God being the creator we can safely infer that the phrase ‘In the beginning’ refers to God’s Time. What would Time mean to God who is eternal? For that matter Space? He is omnipresent.  So time must denote something else.

In order to understand it let us step back a little and ask ourselves. What is the purpose of the scripture? The Word of God makes it clear. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God…(2 Ti.3:16-17).”

From the verse it is clear it is for instruction in righteousness. It is written down for man and for instruction in righteousness. The Spirit is writing timelessness of God in a way we may appreciate what He requires from us. ‘That the man of God may be ‘perfect.’Our perfection can only be guaranteed from the Bible and it is a manual of instruction and is different from everything else. Manual of instruction about maintenance of automobile naturally is meant for owners of auto so it can be used trouble free for its use on the road. Careful study of the scriptures renders a man perfect and for good works. So perfection of man whose good works shall be of use to all is the intent of the Spirit.

In the beginning signifies time in which you can relate since you are found perfect in the eyes of God. In the allotted period of your life you set off certain events which shall go on even after your death. One way is in terms of DNA. Set of information that went into creating your characteristics has been passed on from forefathers and now you have passed on to your offspring.  So time element is not merely your birth and death but of a far wider range. Another way is in terms of Christian perspective: those who are saved have everlasting life . This is what the well known verse in the gospel of John says Jn.3:16.

Earth time is what we require for our bread and butter but eternal life requires a time as determined by God. ‘Now is the day of salvation’ the word of God warns us. When we heard the call and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior what would it mean.? We met God’s requirement in terms of His Son as well as in terms of  time.specified ‘Now‘.  So our time and His Time has connected.  St Peter writes  how different is time for God thus:’One day is with the Lord as a thousand years (2 Pe.3:8) …’ . When we accepted Jesus Christ we have come into eternal God and we are found perfect, according to the word of God.

The Holy Spirit in narrating the Creation Day  gives us creation of earth and heaven as completed. So there is nothing more God would do. In accepting Jesus whom God sent to the world we have already found our place in that sentence. God is omniscient knowing everything in heaven or in earth and what would that mean for us? The man who accepted Jesus as his Savior on 14 April at 10.AM has been recorded according to ‘Now’ as stated in the eternal word of God. ‘Now is the day of salvation.’

Next we shall take up Alpha and Omega which according to the testimony of the risen Christ is about himself.

(To be continued) The Annotated Book of Genesis is available through


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