Annotated Book of Genesis

I took up writing this book since Dec.9, 2017. By God’s grace and according to whatever was revealed to me by the Spirit I have come, well almost to the end of my book. Each morning I had subject matter to tackle and it seems now from experience I can explain what this book is all about.

The Book of Genesis is literally a book of beginnings. When the Spirit gives an account it is an account of God, the Father and of the Son respectively. It is of the Sovereign Will of the Lord God as well as how it has been fulfilled.

The intent of the author in presenting the Annotated book of Genesis has been on the basis of two premises: God as the creator of the heaven and earth has revealed His Will in the Word. “..That which may be known of God is manifested in them(what is created)…” This includes man and the earth.

Secondly the Spirit in setting the two narratives from the Father and the Son respectively uses symbols connecting so the whole narrative is set in God’ Time. Thus the promise of God to Abraham that whole families of the earth shall be blessed through him runs parallel to one another. Consequently when the Spirit discusses the patriarchs, focus is on the nation of Israel and other nations serve as a foil to it. We shall understand this in the manner God places Joseph in Egypt so the nation of Israel could be helped in time of a great famine. Similarly at the birth of Jesus God secures a safe hiding place there for the Holy Family. God’s Will sees all as part of his divine Plan and time in which Joseph and Jesus were placed varies by more than a millennia. Yet these are all set in one timescale that is God’s Time. The Spirit resolves such variations by symbolic use persons. Adam is the son of God as Jesus Christ is the last Adam; In rounding of the first book with Joseph, who is tagged as a forerunner of Jesus Christ we are left with no doubt what is the intent of the Spirit. The mode of inversion renders the first book as a snapshot of the entire Scripture; It is further reinforced by the idea of new earth and the new heaven in the last book of Apocalypse. God created in the beginning the heaven and the earth and the Son made them new. ‘Behold, all things are new.’  In short the Salvation Plan of God is fulfilled in the Son whose testimony clues us in. He is Alpha and Omega. Naturally it is in God’s Time.

When the glory of God gave the earth a form it was not left to chance but according to the Word forever settled in the heaven. One might say it establishes the Constitution, which is the fulfillment of Core Will. When the Spirit begins the Bible, the creation of heaven and the earth is stated as finished as it was foreordained in the divine Mind. The Word was with God and ‘without him was not anything made that was made’. What would that mean for us? Each of us is part of divine Will.

What is the glory of God? It proceeds from God and reveals Wisdom and Power, what may be known of him from evidences in Nature and Word. Think of it as anything that inspires in man and nature to function as intended by God. For this reason whenever peoples across the globe create systems and ways to benefit themselves and which are not conducive to see God as the instigator it can be said as glory of man. For this reason ways of the world carry fads and fashions that only speak for man.

Glory of God is written in the Word beforehand for us to take hold of. When God divided the light from the darkness this glory shall determine what we are: children of light or of darkness. The thrust of the Spirit in narrating the lives of the patriarchs is to reveal how God has controlled the shape of the earth and given it a form. God judging the earth with a great flood was to purge the earth and as Sovereign Lord it was his Will to punish the children of darkness. The earth ‘was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence’. God found Noah as righteous before him, and commanded Noah to make an ark so he was spared from the coming catastrophe. The Spirit illustrates from the genealogies of what made them righteous or wicked. Quality of faith is set down as the key that made glory of God in its proper context. We see in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the self same quality with which He created the worlds. ‘Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear (He.11:3)






About bennythomas

I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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