Genesis: God compensates

“And when the Lord saw that Leah has hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren. And Leah conceived…Because the Lord hath heard that I was hated, he hath therefore given me…(29:31-33)

Whenever God chooses His instruments He sets the bar ever so high that without implicit faith they cannot fit divine Purpose. When God called Patriarch Abraham to be the father of many nations he had to grow to the stature God had in mind. By shutting the womb of his wife Sarah he wanted his wisdom not to be at par with of the world but learn of God instead. Wisdom that is from above,- which is free, can only be availed by faith. In the case of Jacob God had reserved the House of Laban for his apprenticeship. As a heel catcher he had to learn some home truths about his humanity. While he dealt with them in his own way God made sure that he was not disheartened unduly. His love for Rachel was special. From this instance we understand how God compensates His children. It is always made to order and how he compensated Joseph was different as he was. As a man for whom guile was second nature, God had set the stage to which we shall come anon.

At the end of seven years his wage was the hand of Rachel but Laban had a surprise for him. In the morning he realized that it was not Rachel but Leah who shared his bed. It did not merely raise the hackles between two men but also drew the entire household into their one-upmanship. We can naturally guess the toxic domestic politics that breach of trust in men caused. A toxic family politics would ensue drawing naturally Leah Rachel and their personal handmaidens as well. God compensated Leah whose only fault was she was the older daughter and not fair as her sister was. Rachel and Leah would learn in their own way God’s hand while Jacob as the Father of the nation of Israel learn to prevail over his own human failings and prevail over God. He had to fill in the shoes of Israel.




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