Book of Genesis Annotated © Chapter-1:2

“…And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Ge.1:2

In the Genesis Account the verse.1 is the Core Will as perfect as not wanting an afterthought. His Power and Wisdom are encapsulated in the creative act. What is His glory? Like the shekinah glory it dwells on the earth. It is a footstool parallel of which we have in the Ark of the Covenant. Think of the earth as the mercy seat.  In the Tabernacle glory resting between the outstretched wings signified as though God himself was bodily present there.

We read that the earth was without form.

Where the first verse indicated Core Will as existing subsequent descriptive passages indicate what glory does. Consider this verse: “The Heavens declares the glory of God (Ps.19:1-3). What is glory of any man but his aura, quintessence of his personality palpable to be considered as a thing apart which is what we find in the Father-Son relationship. If God, the Father is indicated by his divine Will , what is God, the Son but fulfillment of that Will? In this creative Account the Word fills that role. Can there be speech without sound? The Word is the glory. Before we go further we shall discuss the Glory of God as expressed. The Scripture tells that the Son is the heir of all things ‘by whom also he made the worlds…(He.1:3)’

Jesus Christ as the Son is the brightness of the glory of God and upholding all things by the word of his power. Compare this with what the Spirit has contributed to the Creative act of God. By his Spirit He has garnished the heaven. Jb.26:13 Ps.104:30,

(From the above we get an idea of the Trinity. The Power and Wisdom are attributes of the Godhead in which each office of the triune God adds to our understanding and the nature of the earth as well. ) Provision is made for the earth to manifest in laws the glory of God; and power of His favor or wrath we infer from the consequences of drought and fire from heaven in the instances mentioned in the Bible. This serves us for warning. It is essential for our spiritual growth. In this context we shall understand what St Paul writes on the subject. “For the invisible things of him (God) from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. (Ro.1:20)

Finally glory emanating from the Father we see in the office of the Spirit. In the image of the Spirit brooding over the face of the waters what do we gather? God the spirit has a personality, is it not? We are told that the Spirit shall not speak of himself (Jn.16:13).*


God is a Spirit and when Jesus said the Spirit of truth shall glorify him he was speaking of what he was there for. He was there an apostle of God, sent out to complete the mandate of his Father. He was the bodily image of the invisible God. He was fulfillment whereas his Father was identified as the Thought or Core Will.



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