The Golden Calf of Present Day Christianity

In order to highlight the difference of literal and interpretation with spiritual discernment let me give you a comparison. Remember this quote: “corporations are people(Romney)” and the Bible states  “man is created in the image of God”. In both man is crucial.

Against the above let me explain the gospel according to God the Father and the Son. By comparing Jesus Christ as the key to explain Time its validity comes from Jesus as the Word. (Jn.1.:1)He ever existed with God. It is the Logos concept and forms the basis for the gospel as revealed.  Gospel of his Father runs on Time. It is not what man can count any more than nanoseconds can. Since God sent his Son to the earth God has to be explained in terms of time that we are used to. So whosoever believes in the Son has the Father. (1 Jn.2:23) Gospel of Good News has its emphasis and we believe it from what he said and showed as example in his earthly ministry. The Spirit has reconciled both time scales as one or put the two gospels of the Father and the Son as one. Shall we say then Gospel of the Father is Will and disposition while that of the Son is fulfillment of his Will? Predestination holds a different significance it is as though coming from the Son. God has put all authority in the hands of the Son as the prayer of Jesus reveals. Jn.17:3. Predestination consequently is made gospel of God and of Christ as one,- one is Good News in terms of  Power and Wisdom the other Good News unto salvation.

When Mitt said, ‘Corporations are people he meant profit. While people think of work what they are doled out is not what 1 percenters are collecting. Inequality is the result of Corporate Czar thinking differently from what the people expect for their labor. Thus two gospels have no comparison. Does such a gospel of Capitalism make man as the image of God a reality? Of course not.


Spiritual discernment is the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit in a believer. With which we need see the Bible as God Document. While reading  the word of God the Spirit illumines us. It is inspiration of God. When one is convicted of his sin and realizes he is is in need of the blood of Jesus to cleanse him whole, the Word was the basis. In short all three offices in the Triune God has had a role.  His faith to work with God abridged both time scales. The same faith with which God formed the world is what created him new. There only one faith. He has become a child of God as though foreordained. Predestination works through faith since Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega. We have passed from condemnation and are deemed blessed. This is the gospel of Good News. whereas the Gospel of Power and Wisdom of Good News is same as Gospel of the Son unto salvation. Faith means according to the principle of Association we are hearing the voice of the Lord.

It is obvious that time of the believer through Jesus Christ is reconciled with God’s Time.

Calvin proposed Limited Atonement. That is Jesus shedding of blood on the cross works for some and for some it doesn’t. He explained God’s ways and His Will with worldly wisdom. He limited Power and Wisdom of God with his scale. Why did he apply his power and wisdom drawn from his times and not that of the Son? His doctrine of limited Atonement underscores the problem.

Making a doctrinal statement ‘atonement of Jesus works for some and for some it doesn’t’ is not a simple error. Doesn’t it make salvation of God a mockery?  Calvinism brought into mainstream of God’s people the present day golden calf. Prosperity Theology is another name. You tell me what Promised Land are they looking for?


About bennythomas

I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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