Overview of Marginalia,


1.Two Narrative Accounts

Time and space makes no sense to God: his omnipresence and eternal power make time as would have conceived in his mind. Thus the will or intent of God represents the Lord Almighty. “Hear, O Israel:  The Lord our God is one (De.6:4).” Creative account of God for example is outward manifestation of the Will in a series of events.

The Bible informs us that Jesus Christ was with God from the beginning (Jn1:3).” He represents fulfilment. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one (Jn.10:30).” Rightly so. God is one but in the narrative the Spirit keeps two narrative accounts of the Will as conceived and as fulfilled. The Spirit tags this by the Father-Son concept. “For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten Son,…(Jn.3:16)” Needless to mention both Father and the Son follow same Time scale. In the above mentioned we find however another time scale, the earth time. ‘Whosoever believeth in him’ obviously refers to mankind. Thus we have two time frames.

The Spirit found it necessary to make these two strands as one in which signs, symbols, typology, allegory parables all have their place. Messianic prophesies uttered by prophets were not their own but as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Pe.1:21). The Holy Spirit in recording these narratives is Spirit of truth. He has to maintain truth not only with regards to the Father and Son but also w.r.t whomsoever that believes in the Son. Truth of God and of man consequently must be set in a mode under a proper Time frame.

One may ask why a veil over the body of narrative: spiritual mysteries are to be understood spiritually.

2. Alpha and Omega aspect of the Son

Jesus was designated as a lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Jesus was with God and nothing God did without him (Jn.1:3) Here is the alpha aspect of the Son of God. Jesus as the Son of man runs on Time in God’s calendar but in order to reconcile with earth time Holy Spirit had prepared the ground to which the above mention quote from the epistle of St Peter makes clear. (The ‘dove found no rest for the sole of her feet’Ge.8:9. is a clue.)Prophecies signify foreknowledge indicating God’s intervention into the time frame of man. Similarly typology is a device where persons double as antitypes for the Son. Consider the verse from St Paul’s epistle to the Romans. “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one man shall many be made righteous (5:19). It is thus we have Adam as an antitype to Jesus. Their roles are with respect to two specific groups, namely children of disobedience and children of obedience. Adam represents children of darkness while Jesus represents children of light. Who is Adam? He is son of God (Lk.3:38) because God breathed into him and created a living soul. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. In this context we can understand why cherubim with flaming swords turned away Adam and Eve. The tree of life is only for one, the Son and whom he shall set up in eternity as signs and wonders.(Is.8:18;He.2:13-15). “Behold the man is become one of us (Ge.3:22)” makes sense. Both sons cannot have access to it.

The Spirit creates types and places them as markers. Adam is one. Jesus also is qualified as last Adam( 1 Co.15:45). First Adam represents children of disobedience and Jesus as the second Adam represents blessedness of children of God in eternity. Similarly Melchizedek the King of Salem coming to meet Abraham is a forerunner of the advent of Jesus and indicates his priestly office. As Christos or the Messiah Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Rightly so the saints are kings as well as priests in eternity. Jesus draws the believer to the blessedness of eternity. When the Spirit uses the expressions In the beginning or the end times Jesus has a crucial role to make the time element correct. He is alpha where Melchizedec is the fulcrum around which events of Israel, times of the gentiles revolve while the Millennial reign of Messiah points to Omega aspect of the Son of God.

3. Symbols create unity

In the Book of Genesis we read of the tree of life . In the last book we read the same tree of life bearing 12 manner of fruits was there . But these are for healing of nations. There is no more curse and in that case what healing are we discussing about? Remember the stone cut without hands in the vision of Daniel? It filled the entire earth. In eternity the blessed saints are kings and priests: their ministry is for healing of nations of the earth; they also minister to their sickness by the Word. These are the children of light since no sun is found there, These testify the glory of God.(Rev.22:1-3) (Re.13:6;1 Pe.1:20)

Jesus Christ is the centre of gravity to which all scriptural passages must fall in as many sheaves in the field bowed down to Joseph’s sheaves. Moses thus is second to Jesus. Moses disobeyed God by smiting the rock in the second instance. Jesus died but once. By his disobedience he could not enter the Promised Land He thus is a sign for the nation of Israel whose falling off made the promise to Abraham fulfil. ‘In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed(Ge.12:3). The gentiles (‘wild olives’)were allowed to join in.

Without getting the time right we cannot fully understand the uniqueness of God document. The Bible unlike any other. Marginalia a concise guide to the Bible covers all these. It is just the primer for any student of the Bible. For those who wish to  know God more the Bible is essential. It is written by inspiration of God. Without inspiration one reads. In order to benefit grace and faith must come into play. Both are free gifts.  Whosoever shall be blessed must accept the Bible as God document. It is the bottom line.

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