Prophet Ezekiel’s Vision: Spirit of the Living Creatures (Eze.1:20)

img_3689“For the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels (Eze.1:20)

Here the Spirit is in the role of Paraclete. In the previous post I had mentioned the two wheels in their working is a symbol for the earth. In the book of Isaiah we read thus: “He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth …(40:22)” In this context the verse from Ezekiel can be satisfactorily explained “…And their rings were full of eyes around about them four(Eze.1:18) These denote the nation that denied their Messiah who came as Servant-King. If they rejected him now he shall be sought as  he appear in glory.  The second advent of Jesus Christ shall be a public event. Re.1:8   At the time of Ezekiel the vision of living creatures had significance where the living creatures represented  world powers.

The Lord God allowed world powers their hold since man had disobeyed him and wanted to have a king like every other nation. Samuel’s sons departed from his just ways and the nation of Israel got their wish. We read a list of evil kings who went whoring after the false gods under every hill and in groves dedicated to them. God chastised the kings together with the nation. Satan the great deceiver had achieved his aim in standing athwart the divine plan. For a while.

Babylonian captivity was an outward event collective punishment visiting on the twin kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The role of King Cyrus anticipates the true Messiah.

With the atoning work of Jesus Christ being completed,  the prince of the air or Satan is no longer a threat. “He that is in you is greater than the spirit in this world(1 Jn.1:4)”

The indwelling Spirit is our comfort and hope. At first the gospel of the Good News has to be preached through length and breadth of the earth. Then shall our Lord Savior come to usher the Millennial reign and he shall hand over the kingdom of heaven to God the father.It shall be subsumed into the Kingdom of God signaling the new earth and new heavens.

I have shown in the illustration the Spirit who is in control administering the word so it succeeds in creating faith in a sincere heart and leads his or her to salvation; it convicts the world of sin. and consoles and corrects a child of God to get back where sin is an immediate threat and builds up spiritual reserves and energizes when ever a child accepts correction.  The spirit is our comforter on earth while as our Redeemer has promised we have him in heaven as Paraclete.



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