Marginalia: a concise guide to the Bible-2

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‘If thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness(Mt.6:22-23). Body is a world of its own where sensory impressions create of the world without. How the mind registers these depend upon is subjective. How a cynic would conclude from these impressions is not how an epicure will take. ‘But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God , for they are foolishness unto him;(1 Co.2:14)

Marginalia lays emphasis on comparing spiritual things with spiritual. Since the scriptures are handed down to us from God we need exercise the indwelling Spirit to lead us rightly.

Purpose of the Bible is stated in no uncertain terms so any one who reads and believes in the scriptures may be made perfect, being thoroughly furnished unto all good works. (2Ti.3: 16-17). In arguing about the Creation Day and other Biblical truths without well understanding mysteries of the Spirit we are shadowboxing to no purpose. Mysteries are spiritually discerned.

Much of my book deals with these so one can miss the signs and cues God the Spirit has presented from two standpoints of God the Father and of the Son.

The Holy Spirit presents the Will of God in a mode that has its purpose. It shall suffice to say timeframes of God and the Son of man agree and many signs and symbols convey what was in the eternal Mind. Likewise the Holy Spirit has scattered keys to unlock the ‘mystery of his Will.’

In order to understand time aspect in the Bible I have introduced a concept: Two-in-One Problem.

I do not think this has been adequately covered in Christian literature currently available in any book stores.

As Christians we are called to be ‘light of the world.’ This naturally creates a two-in-problem, which our Saviour Lord solved and has set an example. Consequently in order to make sense of many passages in the scripture, – especially the time element, we need to keep this two-in-one problem in mind. We are signs and symbols.(Is.8:18) Thus we bear the light here on earth as well as throw light for others in eternity as signs and symbols. From the parable of Lazarus and the dives, we can see Lazarus at the gate was a sign for the rich man; in eternity he was a sign as well as a symbol. Abraham’s bosom is a symbol equivalent of which for us shall be His name written on our foreheads (Re.22:4). Light of Lord God shall make it all too clear for the lost.

Another concept is the Principle of Association. The association of the Triune God was in the Creation Day and it shall be so to the end times when the City of God is ushered in. Principle of Association is like a stone thrown into a pond the world as a pond, into the destiny of peoples and nations. In the beginning there was only Adam and Eve and in the city of God we read that nations ‘of those who are saved’ would be corralled in showing how the POA works out divine Will. .





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