The Bible a Threefold Narrative Account

King Solomon in order to emphasize the necessity of companionship uses the analogy of a rope. (Eccles.4:12)

‘How can one be warm alone?’ Such a question if followed through shall provide us a clue to divine Will in the matter of relationships on the earth. ‘It is not good that the man should be alone.’(Ge.2:18) Throughout the Bible we shall see Core Will of God touching the various aspects of man. Marriage as an honorable institution gives man and woman a firm basis for growth. Ps.128:3 The choice of metaphor wherein woman as a fruitful vine and children as olive plants do conjure up the divine will perfectly. The Bible in a nutshell is about union of God with man. Union of God with the nation of Israel and with the Church runs through both covenants under Law and blood. Of this divine will the Bible is clear in which we have the testimony of the triune God. Under law a testimony of three is binding. (Mt.18:16) In this context we may apply Solomon’s dictum ‘A three-fold cord is not quickly broken’ (Eccle4:12) The Bible is an abstract of the Core Will where salvation of man is the principal theme.

The Core Will of God we may define as the divine Will in totality. It covers both the earth and heaven. Family of both realms are in the Core Will. The Bible is about the family of God. On one hand God as the Father; on the other is the Son of God of whom the scriptures qualify as Son of man. We are under dispensation of the New covenant by blood by which we become by faith members of the family of God. This is the Church, the body of Christ. (Col.1:18) Why introduce Core Will if we were concerned only with partial Will of his nation or of his Church? The topic of ‘Salvation’ is itself a matter of interest to the angels. But it not intended for them (1Pe.1:12) Conversely we are to infer that our search into matters of angels is unhealthy and can only lead us astray if we persist in them since it is not divine Will we should obtrude in matters that do not concern us. Jude.vs.6 On the other hand as Jude’s short epistle makes it clear what occurred in Sodom and Gomorrah are set forth for an example.vs.7 In short the Bible is written with specific reference to our own growth.

Narrative account in the Bible is with specific reference to man.

Hence it is proper that we define the scripture as a human document. As I stated at the outset it is set from God to man through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Before the intended triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem he sent two of his disciples. (Mt.21:2-3) Would this not imply that God had raised up service and instruments required for the passion of Jesus Christ?

The Lord God dressed Adam and Eve with coats of skins. (Ge.3:21) Naturally it implies certain animal sacrificed for the purpose. When we read of the ‘lamb slain from the foundation of the world’(Rev.13:8) our reasonable mind instantly races to make a connection. But is it the truth or is it we are misled in interpreting with fleshly wisdom?

Fulfillment of prophesies concerning Son of man is part of Core Will and as such no rational enquiry into them can be accepted as valid. How would anyone account for the sons of God of the Pre-deluge period? They are not active players within the narrative account where our Salvation is the keystone that hold up divine Providence. How God shall bring about we may well leave to him

The opening verse in the creation account is about Core Will of God as accomplished. The earth as well as heaven are pressed into service where the narrative account with specific reference to man shall move along. Towards this he makes his angels, spirits and his ministers a flaming fire.(Ps.104:4)

Lastly let me say in divine plan a way is opened for man under the New Covenant by Blood.

Jesus said: ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.’(Jn. 14:2) He would have explained them at length if there were any need for alternate Way. There isn’t any other way than set forth in the gospels. To all intent and purpose we need keep in sight, the truth our Saviour represents. It ‘ is the Way’. It is the only one leading to abundant life.

(To be continued)


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I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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