Making Your Election Sure

Wherefore the rather, brethren give diligence to make your calling and election sure.'(2 Pe.1:10)

Each Christian has a ministry and this lay ministry is wherever the believer is placed and it is addressed to the world about him. His family, neighborhood, community, workplace are the beneficiaries of it. It goes without saying that he also must benefit from it.  He must be lively going from strength to strength so much so that his ministry is infectious and unmistakeable.

Christian ministry of every believer is a steady progress from dead works to perfection (Heb.6:6) in which it is the body where he or she has to take control of. We are not to be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. It is like a good soldier being battle ready to be up in arms on a moment’s notice. This metaphor of a soldier only concerns with our life in the body. We are called to do a reasonable service by which we may please the one who has called us to service(Rom 12:1-2) We are to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ( 2 Ti 2:4) and as such we owe to the world as well as to ourselves to be approved of by him,’Providing all things honest in the sight of all men (Rom12:17)’ is only one part. But if we fail to renew of our mind,- meaning failing to stay in focus for the purpose to which we are called, are we not falling back? Such neglect little by little shall surely affect our performance.  As a Christian, retreat is not an option because we have to safeguard the unseen presence of spirit that connects to the kingdom of God even while we are in body. Our failure to progress can only mean we have become deaf to the promptings of the spirit.  This is how we can be conformed to the world. The sad case of Samson is merely a pointer to teach us what happens to us in our failure to renew ourselves. Samson by his fondness for wine and ‘strange’ women developed a lifestyle that was unbecoming of the judge of Israel. He did not know that the Lord was departed from him.(Jud. 16:20) For a Christian once saved is the assurance that God is with him. The saving grace of God can never fall short for us but certainly we can grieve our spirit.

In our faith towards God we are to go unto perfection. We have been called to be part of the body and of his Household. Instead if we end us as a vessel unto dishonor, it is surely less than perfection. Isn’t it?

We were enlightened by the inexhaustible riches of his glory(Rom 9:23) and it is to be in him even as he is in his father(Jn14:20-21) This is where the spirit part of our being comes in. We  endure hardness in a body that does not profit; but spirit keeps that unity of God the Father and Son alive. Even while in the body the spirit does groan for the redemption of our body(Rom.8:23,25, 27) We fulfilled the will of God by accepting Jesus Christ as our saviour. Spirit helps to keep us in right temper by interceding for us according to the will of God. Some sects teach speaking in tongues under the mistaken notion that body can reproduce  the language of the spirit as an act of will! No how we should pray was taught by Jesus during his earthly ministry. The thrust of it is ‘Let thy kingdom come’ while in spirit the prayer is an intercessory prayer. Spirit intercedes for each Christian according to the will of God. The emphasis of the prayer is that the body may stay the course. Afterall the role of Spirit is also as a Comforter. It must comfort a faith sorely tested with examples of those who suffered much more. The body is subject to many limitations-health, worldly goods and restrained by unjust laws and fickleness of friends and loss of trust. If it be the will of God we must go through ‘much tribulations enter into the kingdom of God’.(Ac14:22). Prayer of the spirit all through these is that the believer may go unto perfection.

Jesus warned,’There are first who shall be last.’ We may have begun in body but by becoming conformed to the world we have, in spirit become last.(Lk 13:30)

Our righteousness is merely a starting point for the body to abound in Christian virtues for example, patience, godliness and most important of all charity or love. This ministry shall continue even after our death. As spiritual bodies we shall know mysteries of God, the hard sayings and the Word that were rather hard for us to digest. In our physical bodies it is only needful to know what is necessary for life and godliness. The Word of God is fully adequate towards these. Idle curiosity to penetrate what are mysteries can lead us astray. Leave the spirit to do its holy office on our behalf.  Let us be content with what God has chosen to reveal, trusting in him to add in our spiritual journey as-need-to know basis. (I am not basing this from any specific text from the Word. If the Bible is inerrant what is hard must be revealed to us at some point of time that is according to God’s calendar. Would he not?)

The Millennium reign is mentioned in the Scriptures. But who shall date what God has chosen to hold back? Such diverse doctrinal positions that have come to divide the earthly churches based on mysteries of God is not the will of God. It is the human wisdom than the spirit of meekness, trust which are precious in the eyes of God. Now we see through glass darkly.

In our bodies we made our calling sure and what remains is that in spirit we make our election sure.



About bennythomas

I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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