Wise unto Salvation

‘…because you know those from whom you learned it,and how from infancy you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation..'(2 Tim3:14-15,16)

Have you ever wondered why you have been set in this earth? It was the will of God the Father. God created this earth to be inhabited. He made it for himself. Pro16:4 He sent his Son Jn.1:12,14 3:16 And through his Son he has claimed you as own.

We are also inheritors if we would patiently wait for him. Psa 37:9,11.22

Jesus as the good shepherd ever leads us. Moses foreshadowed Jesus. Moses led the children of Israel through wilderness. They were not to be led into their land of promise without resources. Law of Moses was what God gave and wrote in his own hand. Whereas we have a new law: grace that came with Jesus. It is our certainty that through his saving grace we are made righteous before God. From the grand design of God whose will covers every Christian so he may be made perfect.

We need to consider the earth as our training period. We are set among peoples of all kinds of persuasions and outlook. We are to mature among them as witnesses and also prove what is special of being a Christian. ‘I am the light of the world’ so said Jesus Christ. Do we witness him in our simplicity, transparence and in our patience? We are like vines drawing our nourishment from his Word and spirit that animates us. Fruits of the spirit set us apart from others though we are faced with the same challenges as others.

Resource for a Christian is Scriptures but how shall we learn the basics unless from those who are our peers? Christian life begins at home. We learn from examples of our parents; from teachers in Sunday schools, and also from those who have been entrusted by grace of God to handle the word properly. ‘How can I unless, ‘ he(the Ethiopian) said,’ unless someone explains it to me?’ Christians have their Babes in Christ stage(1 Cor. 3:1).

The last charge of Jesus to the Apostles was ‘I am with you always even unto the end of the age.'(Mt.28:19-20)

In the gospel of St. Luke we know the charge was to the Apostles and concerning the Church.(Lk24:49) In this context they were to be the 12 foundations of the church.(Rev.21:14)

Day of Pentecost that came in the wake of his ascent was a milestone in the Church calender. It was the day the Church Age was ushered in. We are in this Age to be made like him. Church is one of which St. Paul gives as the body of Christ. Jesus  wanted the apostles to remain in Jerusalem. The outpouring of the Spirit was a visible signal for the Apostles and also for the world. Each Christian who came to this world is to accept his part by faith. In order to enable him to be a fit God has willed all that are needful.

To recap we are here according to the will of God. We have received from God the Son grace and truth. His spirit refreshes us on everyday basis and we read the Scriptures not as the Ethiopian but as Jeremiah found his Word (Jer.15:16) ‘Thy word was unto me the joy.’

We are part of the world but yet we are citizens of of the kingdom of God. God has given us wisdom and we are to sharpen our wits knowing the times are bad. False prophets are on the road seeking ‘new’ converts. If we have been born of water and Word what conversion do we need further? Apostle Paul warns Timothy to wise up because of such apostasy about him. Our present times are no different.

Babes in Christ must grow unto maturity following the lives of men of God in the Scriptures; and those whose lives engage us into our laymen ministry as a pattern help and encourage us to stay the course. But we must exercise caution: ‘ holding on to faith and a good conscience (I Tim.1:19) 1 Tim 6:11 Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love endurance and gentleness.’ Each has received from God certain gifts and give glory to him by judicious use of it. Hence those who run after those who have ‘gifts of miracle, divine healing etc., are in all probability laying their own gifts to waste. These may be a’ form of godliness’ but at the end of it they will find it was all smoke and mirrors.(2 Tim 3:5)

St. Paul’s charge to Timothy ‘Wise unto salvation’ also applies to every Christian. We are called to eternal life and not be cast as ‘reprobate concerning faith.’ 2 Tim 3:8.



About bennythomas

I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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