The Book of Remembrance

Ps.139:16 ‘Your eyes saw my unformed body, All the days ordained for me, were written in your book before one of them came to be.’

God Keeps a book. Book of Remembrance is a record of his Will. The Psalmist refers to his whole life as mentioned in it. The book reveals the nature of God: his Wisdom and Power is perfect so record of man is already in his Book of Remembrance even before he is born.  How God counts Time is entirely different that we cannot quite fathom. Similarly his Wisdom and Power is beyond our ken.

For us time becomes a reality in that time registers conception, birth, maturity and death in a straightforward sequence. Whereas for God the concept of Time holds no difficulty: he That Is, That Was and That Will Be and he is eternal.

With such infinite Wisdom and Power his Will cannot be thwarted. What is His Will?  As Jesus testified during his earthly mission his Will is that no man should perish or fall outside the scope of salvation. Towards this He sent his Son to the earth.  When the atoning work of Jesus Christ covers all how is that some sects talk of Predestination? God has not set apart some for salvation and others for damnation.  By such a pernicious doctrine what it teaches is that the salvation offered by the blood of Jesus is not completely effective. What a terrible idea! Satan must be behind such a travesty of his Intent.

God the Father wants all to revere God, the Son and hold his sacrifice as perfect.

Faith and Grace:

God gave the Son a body to do his will. Thus we need to see our body though corporeal, as a vehicle to  do his Will.  Jesus by one sacrifice has made all perfect. The only condition is our faith and His grace will do the rest.

In order to encourage our faith to grow to its fulness he has given us spirit. He breathed into man and he became a living soul. God is Spirit. Accidents or events that befall humans may be in a point of time and place, but God in his Infinite Wisdom and Power sees man not only as a physical reality but as a living spirit.  Our trust in his Word may falter at times. It is our flesh that is not always at its best; and our will imperfect and lacking focus also leads us to wrong paths. But our spirit bears witness that we are under His Will. If  Simon Peter denied his Master at the hour of his Passion we can also backslide. But our soul shall be a testimony to our standing with God. It is the spirit that by and by leads us back to the path we ought to follow. It may be by an appropriate verse from the Bible that convicts us of our state. There are many ways with which the spirit could set us on the right direction. Our flesh is weak and does not profit but our spirit ever testifies our faith and need for his Grace. In the Book our record shows our infirmities and failures but also testimony of the soul that we are purchased by the blood of his Son.

Christ as the portal by which our will interfaces with the Will of God.

Man’s will being a reflection of divine Will nothing is to be seen falling outside the scope of his Will. Jesus by offering his body showed his Will merging with that of the Father.

Thus Jesus became the First born of all creation and forerunner for mankind by being set on the right hand of the throne of the Father.

What would that signify for us? Fall of man as represented in the case of Adam is tied with the atoning work of Christ Jesus. His Will sees these two events as one: fall of man atoned for by the sacrifice of Jesus. As I mentioned earlier Time for God is not in the manner we count time.  Our lives before being born and lives consciously dedicated to live according to his Will are seen in heaven as one.

In Theology Jesus serves as a type for Adam.

God in his wisdom sees him as Son of man as well as son of God in the third chapter of the gospel of Luke. Adam is the son God. It  is to be understood in context of Jesus Christ.


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I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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