Gen.2:9,8 Tree of Life

Gen2:9,8 ‘In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.’

We need to focus that the garden was not in Eden proper but on the east of Eden. Echo of this we find with quite a few alterations, but with very crucial details in the topography, in the last book (Rev.22.1- 5,14).

In the last book we read that there were multitudes. In retelling the creation of Adam God the Spirit points out a crucial fact: he is the representational Man and holds one end of God’s Will. The Garden culminates in the City of God and the Son. The Will being fulfilled we see it a city where God the Father and the Son hold their thrones.

In the Garden were the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Adam was forbidden to eat of the fruit of the trees growing at the middle of the Garden whereas God’s people are given the right to eat of the tree. In unlocking the divine will in human terms,- languages and its artifices, allegory of fall of man and his redemption is divine Thought expressed. We may with our carnal mind seize upon it and woe if we assume we fully grasp it! So let us not make a doctrine from our errors. Unless it is given from above we read but do not get benefit as expected of us. So we must prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to nourish us from the passage on hand inasmuch as it is needful for our spiritual growth. The fall of man must be understood in the manner God the Spirit has described, where Adam is a representation of Jesus Christ and in him is man redeemed.

As representational Man and intended for a specific task the knowledge of good and evil was not relevant to Adam. God put him the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it(2:15). The Garden belonged to God as earth is of God. If the creator God demanded his compliance Adam was to obey him.

As a tiller of it Adam was to experience a set sequence of events. For example he was to have a suitable helper which was to be decided by Adam and not another.

In overthrowing the unfolding of divine will he showed his will was paramount than that of God. The evil was not in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but in his rearranging the order of priorities thereby repudiating the will of God. Adam by his disobedience rendered the fruit fulfil what it merely represented: the symbol became the real. Knowledge of good and evil became an useless exercise since he had lost the moral compass that was implied by being in divine will. The human side of Jesus before his Passion must have shrunk from the coming ordeal but fulfilled the Will of his Father by submitting to it.’Yet not as I will, but as you will’ (Mt.26:39).

Had Adam remained within the divine Will he would have had life as a matter of course. Death would not have become synonymous with curse. Prolonging life being cut off from the will of God would have only added to his sorrow. Instead of abundant life he had to fend for himself to know good and evil and make choices. In making his will superior to that of God he made both trees judge him. The tree of life made it a symbol of life since death had entered by his wilful act into his bloodstream.’When you eat of it you will surely die.(2:17).’ Death made the tree of Life his judge. As Paul writes death came by one man (1 Cor 15:21) and ‘in Christ all will be made alive.vs.22’ Adam is a representational man holding one end of divine will where his fall is paid for by another so those who enter the city of God are blessed. They are blessed because the curse has been lifted. Along the river leading to the throne of God and of the Lamb we read that the tree of life stood on each side bearing twelve crops of fruit.(Rev.22.2) .



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