Gen.1:28 Stewardship

Gen. 1:28 ‘God blessed them and said to them,’Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.’

This verse points to the Will of God with regards to his creation. He wanted them- man  and woman, to be fruitful and fill the earth. God intended thereby serve his Will as stewards for his creation.  It is also evident  their stewardship covered the whole earth. We read the story of  Adam and Eve mentioned later (Gen.2:7). Here the  divine Will concerning man is in general.

Man and woman were to be stewards and fill or populate the earth. Therefore Adam and Eve were representative of mankind and the garden a  microcosm of the earth. This idea is borne out by St.Paul’s argument that Jesus Christ was the last Adam(1 Cor.15:45).  St. Paul speaks of Christ as the firstborn of all creation (Col.1:15) Holy Spirit is referring Adam and Eve in particular so the divine Will may be understood from the standpoint of God the Son. There is no time element in divine Will so the ministry of Jesus ( that began historically later) was already reconciled in it.

The unfolding of Will as expressed by the events leading to the creation of man and woman is a gradual process. Land and sea were to be set in place before life forms appeared: marine and fresh water creatures, reptiles, land animals and birds of the air. Role of Adam and Eve working on the garden is a snapshot of mankind engaged elsewhere in similar husbandry. They were stewards according to the divine Will.

We read God’s seal of approval, ‘And God saw that it was good.’

Every creation of his was good and added to the whole. Nothing in his Will would indicate any exclusivity that gave man an occasion to dominate all that were under his care to misuse. Nor was there any feature in his creation to cause man fall.

He blessed them to be fruitful. ‘Fill the earth and subdue it.’ In the verse 29 it is made clear that meat was not forbidden but he was to live as matter of course on a vegetarian diet. The divine Will is extended for the wellness of man and other life-forms under his charge as well.’I give every green plant for food.’ This is to be taken in a very broad sense. The Holy Scriptures is not delving into ethnography of nations that consequently evolved or of natural history of flora and fauna. Instead the Scriptures as recorded by Holy  Spirit is setting the creation account straight where the story of Adam and of Jesus Christ merge as one. This was in the Mind of God, the Father. This is the Kingdom of Heaven into which nations will freely enter(Rev.21:26) ‘I in them and you in me(Jn17:23)’God the Son makes it clear that the nations shall have their names were written even before the foundation of the world and these also would know it is so(Rev.13:8-KJV;Jn16:27, 17:8).



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