Symbolic Value

Gen.2:9 ‘In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’

While giving the creation account God the Spirit gives appropriate comments on the divine Will. This account of the sun,moon and stars, however, varies with the origin of these bodies as explained by science. Naturally. The purpose and form employed by the Spirit and science are altogether different .

body, mind and spirit

A skeptic accepts man as bipartite having a body and mind. Whereas a child of God will see himself a spiritual man having a component of spirit ( 1 Cor.2:10-14). He considers himself as a child of God since that aspect of spirit in him is anchored on the power of Word derived from the Spirit of God. Faith is such. For him his inner man is as natural as mind is for a rational man. For the latter God is an unknown quantity since his reason cannot define its form or nature by empirical methods. For natural man proof is required while spiritual man faith is sufficient. Thus we see two kinds of man: natural man and inner man relying on entirely different mediums. Reason and faith.

When God the Spirit explains God set the Sun and other heavenly bodies as a sign human wisdom cannot accept it but view the statement with skepticism. On the other hand the inner man can easily convince him since he can appreciate spiritual truths couched in spiritual words. Thus when God the Spirit gives the account he can see the heavenly bodies as signs. By the same token he sets great store in parables and symbols. Jesus Christ taught many parables and the verses cited in the gospels Mt.25: 11, Mk.4:11 make their significance clear. The spiritual truths are mysteries and  spiritually discerned. Where faith steps out reason stops since mysteries are great chasms for it to bridge.

In the key verse we read that two trees were planted in the middle of the garden of Eden. The heavens and the earth are of the Lord God since he created them. He set the man to take care of the garden. These two trees were a symbol of divine Authority or expressions of his Will. As such God’s demand was a proof that Adam respected his Authority. In disobeying it Adam showed his will was more important than of God.

Adam by his disobedience intruded upon his Will. Adam knew his disobedience came out of a law that his body obeyed (Rom.7:22) and as soon as he disobeyed God, his inner man immediately convicted him of his nakedness. These two aspects in his own being are mirrored in the two trees. His body in trying to assert its law over him is symbolized in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of Life is represented by his inner man. What was Adam’s sin? He let natural aspect of body with its appetites take the lead and inner man subordinate to it.  Such a turn around was not according to divine Will. It made the tree of Life beyond his reach.


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