Gen.1:27 glory of Man

Gen.1:27 ‘Male and female he created them‘.

Here we see the Will of God in its direction. God purposed that man should be in his likeness. Love requires an object. Love of God the Father and the Son reveal two aspects of divine Love. God so loved the world that he sent the Son to redeem it.(Jn.3:16) In his image would therefore mean love of man for woman. Love is not self-indulgent or self- centred. Love of God for the world was expressed through the aspect of God the Son.

At another level we see glory of God and this shekinah glory is the female principle.Of this we may seek corroboration from St. Paul who says,’ … he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man( 1 Cor.11:7). Thus God’s Will expressed in Gen 1:26 ‘in the likeness of God’ is to be understood in terms of that abstract quality of his glory than in physical likeness.

Now we need to be clear about the glory which God reveals thus:’I will not give my glory to another (Isa 42:8)’.In the same verse we know it is in context of gentiles and idols. He imparts His glory to His people as witnessed in the transfiguration of Jesus on the mount (Mt.17:2).God validated the ministry of Jesus by giving his glory to his ‘my beloved Son (vs.5). From that act everyone that comes to him in faith shall have the glory.

In the creation account God the Spirit points out to the glory that was to come. Male and female he created them and it is in prophetic spirit Holy Spirit writes that the concept of ‘in the likeness of God’ includes Christ and the Bride as well.


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