Herald of Peace

In the early 90s I wanted to  serve the Lord using my talents as an artist and writer. I thought of calling it  Herald of Peace. My interest in the Bible was needless to say the catalyst. I had begun annotating the book of Revelations in comic strip format. Despite my interest and willingness to serve the Lord according to my talents there was a problem. My personal problems needed to be sorted out first.  The Bibe says ‘he must manage his own family well …how can he take care of his church?(1Ti3:4-5) ‘ So I set aside my plans to serve Him in my carnal wisdom or strength. Now that God in his Mercy has removed every stumbling block and settled me under his care I begin anew.  I know he shall bless my endeavors. It is therefore for his glory and kingdom this blog is dedicated.

I first intended Herald of Peace as hard copy but since internet has come into our lives as a tool to express our thoughts and retrieve info I shall use it to post blogs regularly. These are posted from the Word  of God without any claim to originality or to the truth. I trust I do so by the spirit of truth: only spirit can handle truth and it is the privilege of a Christian.(Jas.1:5)

This Bible-Study is undertaken on the premise that man’s wisdom has often stood in the way of correctly appreciating the Word. When I speak of wisdom I mean often one comes to it with certain cultural baggage. For example a child reared in a Catholic household shall approach it differently than a child from an Anglican background.

The Word is truth and we have the assurance truth shall make us free. But reading it with a certain mindset (brought about by our peers, an undue influence) only makes it come short of the fruits intended by God.  The Bible is divine Will expressed and it is not to prove any one sect or church is more correct than others. From the first century the Scriptures were appropriated as the basis of so many sects but in their claims and counter claims what is conveniently forgotten is that there is only one Church of God (Eph4:5). If there is only one God one faith and one baptism from where came the Church of Rome, Anglican, Lutheran and many others? Such plethora with their own mysteries and dogma came out of man’s mind, and each church gave slant to their own wisdom and not of the prompting of Holy Spirit. This present study is undertaken to bring to the fore the nature of God in setting his Will in which every life has a part. I was in the Will of God at the foundations of the world. So were you.

My approach to the Bible is an independent inquiry based on three principles as fundamental to understand the Word of God.


The Bible is inerrant. If there be any errors in the Scriptures these owe to the translation (and are of superficial nature) but do not deflect from the Intent as recorded by Holy Spirit.

Secondly there are passages that a Christian will find essential for his spiritual growth and truth that is for here and now. Faith for instance. It is is here and now. Accepting Christ Jesus as redeemer and Saviour belongs to our earthly life. In short the Scriptures hold good while we are in physical bodies and also as spiritual bodies. Perhaps the hard sayings and difficulties that our carnal mind cannot crack rightfully belong to hereafter. We may be witnesses then for other spiritual bodies including angels. It is not carnal wisdom but what is given from above that can help us. God led the prophets of old to rely on faith and it is the only way we may manage,  our daily walk here and now. So let us leave such matters as hard sayings, miracles to God who shall bring to light their significance in his time. What is essential for becoming part of divine Will is here and now. Thirdly the story of nations or of Israel are not the focus but the Church of God which is also Kingdom of heaven. The mode of worship and the works under the Old Covenant form part of the unfolding of the divine Will and not the main event itself.

Lastly I hope to post daily from the Bible to make the divine Will in its expression as written by Holy Spirit to equip us for our earthly passage.If the Scripture is dismissed as obsecure and out of step with life of modern man, much of the blame must rest on those who witnessed Jesus Christ wrongly. This includes the false teachers who made the earthly churches exercise authority over lives of men and repudiated the grace of God in their own lives. God in his infinite mercy should deliver us from such who are ravening wolves in sheeps clothing. Only truth can help us there.



About bennythomas

I am a Dutch citizen. An architect by profession I am married and have six grandchildren. I am still keen on expressing myself and each day is new and an occasion where I might bring out from within something worthwhile.
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